BB Squared: Beautiful Brains, Bold Bodies

Starting and Celebrating Conversations About Differences

BB Squared People November 5, 2011

Hello all, my name is Jill Clark, currently I am 21 years old and in school for marketing. My job at the moment is helping persons with differences, and it is the most rewarding job I have found so far. I have been told before this is an odd combination of likes, persons with
differences and marketing. Once someone recommended I put my evil marketing
powers to good use and help out these persons. I just looked at him and said, “Well
a-matter-of-fact! That is exactly what I am going to do!” Now here we are today
beginning this dream we have, to help provide for the needs of these
extraordinary people, as well as educate the community to ensure these changes
and needs can be made known, met and instilled in communities all across the

When I was 13, my family, friends, and  teachers started noticing some differences in my behaviour which was more than just teenaged angst. Reluctantly, I agreed that there was a problem.  Over the next few years I would learn how to deal with and manage my depression and anxiety. Then once I was 18 I was psych-ed tested and learned more about my brain and was then able to train it to increase and overcome the learning differences I had, which were in turn contributing factors to the depression and anxiety. Since battling through the mental health system myself, and watching friends try to do the same, my passion to make achange in this community of persons with differences has grown. This has become especially true as I started working with persons who had physical and cognitive differences and learned that this same navigation and advocating problem was apparent with these types of differences as well.

I have made it a personal goal of mine to do all that I can to change this, as we live in a world that has many resources that can help persons with differences live the most fulfilling lives possible. We have the ability to educate each and every mind, to make every activityaccessible to everyone, and the innovative mind power to change the way we look and think of each other, if we can just start the conversations.

Hello, I’m Aaron Fierling and I’m the joint owner of Hamilton’s first Pita Factory and the appointed Treasurer of the Ghana School of Dreams. As a graduate of Forest Heights Colligate Institute, I was Co-President of student council and was responsible for the planning and execution of several charity events including “Stand Up Against Bullying” and the “Relay for Life”. I have volunteered as a coach for a local boys football team and remained active in the Waterloo business community by acting as store manager for the second location of my family’s small business. I am honoured to be a member of Beautiful Brains Bold Bodies joined by individuals who share my passion for philanthropy and who also believe in the equalizing and empowering strength of education worldwide.

Hi Guys! My name is Carmen Sutherland. I am 27 and I have had Cerebral Palsy since I was born. For me, this difference means that I use a wheelchair (usually an electric chair although the one in the picture is a manual) and need help with various daily activities such as showering and eating. I have had many experiences throughout my life that have helped me to learn to love my difference. For one thing I grew up going to Camp Easter Seal Saskatchewan, where I first learned that being different can create an incredible bond. This lesson was shown to me again when I attended the University of Illinois and lived in what is now Nugent Hall, where I met people who shared my experience, and the students and staff helped me become the best person I could be. I am not at all exaggerating when I tell you that some of the greatest gifts of my life came to me because I have a difference, BB Squared simply being the latest one. I hope to help other people realize that this can be true for others with differences, too. And if there are people out there who feel that their differences – or those of people they know and love – have not been gifts, perhaps BB Squared can change that.


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