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Starting and Celebrating Conversations About Differences

Guest Post: Nicholas Wendler-Part 2 August 23, 2012

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When I wrote about focusing more on writing blogs, I did not mean that I would give up looking for more of a job.  On the contrary, I would love to have a job and be more of a contributor to society than I am able to be now, in the sense of the economy.  As I stated in the post last week, it might be helpful to be fully focused on the search for a job in order for the job to appear.  In order for the job to come, a lot of energy should be focused on the job.  This is not a contradiction to the video I referred to last week, as putting energy into the job search could involve speaking to the current situation and giving it love but saying also that it cannot last forever.  It also involves putting out feelers to potential employers and others with potential connections to jobs that become available.  This is not something I intend to stop doing simply because I’ve paid attention to something I’m being drawn to do (i.e. writing), but doing what I am drawn to is no different than the things I have been doing in a sense.

I’ve been volunteering with The Working Centre in their Computer Support position.  I am also on the Advisory committee for a new Waterloo Region Family Network program to commence in January 2013.  I will be participating as a counsellor in the K-W Counselling Walk-In clinic starting up again in September.  This is also a volunteer position.  So I continue to give of myself in more ways than one, and believe that in order to achieve employment I must endure giving of myself in more ways than one.  This includes giving time and energy to the search for employment.

Stereotypes exist—they always will.  They can be a downer, or they can motivate change to occur.  It all depends on positive vs. negative thinking.  The biggest task in the job search can, at times, be continuing to keep that positive thinking at the forefront of the mind.  Enduring—never giving up.  It may just exterminate the negative thoughts if it is pursued long enough!

Also in the process of writing drafts for my last post, I pondered personality traits (which take a look at “difference” in a different sense than is generally referred to by BBSquared).  Introverted tendencies can be toward doing things more independently of others.  Such is the case with writing; it’s independent while you’re in the process of creating.  The job search involves more social interaction because networking seems to be at the core of making things happen, along with making good impressions on potential employers.  Plus, there are probably a number of people banking on my success in finding a job.  This could be taken in two ways perhaps: (1) if I have a job, their tax dollars wouldn’t be used toward providing me supports for daily living, and (2) if I have a job, they could be confident in saying “hey, I know that guy with a difference, it’s pretty awesome what he’s done with his life, isn’t it?!?”  It’s not like I need to live without a job or that I am unemployable, by any means.  If I can complete two degrees in a span of 8 years, along with dealing with aspects of having a physical difference (including dealing with personal care needs being met and ensuring the work environment is satisfactory for my personal care supports to be able to comfortably help me achieve my needs which can be more social than I’d like first thing in the morning or last thing before I go to bed) and just regular things that occur in life, then I have the ability to be successful in employment.  I have no doubts in my mind that it will happen that I will have a job; it’s a question of where/when/how it will happen.  Things sometimes happen in unique ways sometimes for me, so we’ll see what the future holds!

I know I’ve never been overly fond of having attention focused on me.  One example was when I was younger, I recall using a transfer board that lays across from one surface to another.  In this case it was my bed and my wheelchair.  I can use this board to slide myself from the bed into the wheelchair.  What sticks in my mind about the experience is given congratulations for doing it independently of others.  It’s just living my life the way I have to live it by doing things my own way.  It’s always been the case for me that if I put my mind to something, I can achieve it.  It doesn’t mean it’s anything extraordinary, though I know if I actually get somewhere in life, there will inevitably be at least one or two individuals who think of the ordinary for me as extraordinary from their perspective.  The reason I mention this, about attention on me, is that interviews kind of involve having attention focused on the interviewee who is seeking the job at hand.  It is a social thing, an art that the introvert may need to work at to succeed.


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