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Guest Post: Nicholas Wendler August 16, 2012

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Inspired by other posts, and just thinking about the job search in general, I asked BB Squared’s friend Nick to tell us about his thoughts and experiences in terms of job searching. Please enjoy: 

When I was asked to write a blog posting about my experiences in job searching, I couldn’t help but say “I’ll do it.” But at the same time, this underlying feeling said “What do you even have to say, Nicholas?”  I don’t have an answer for myself really, but I have lots of thoughts on a variety of topics so maybe that’s a place to go with such a post, I thought.  Seeing as I have not made a job out of finding a job exactly, I’m not likely to receive a job because the Universe is not convinced that I live, eat, and breathe a job; that a job is what I live for, but maybe I’m not even convinced of that myself.

I often think of the stereotypes, being that I live with a physical difference (or disability, though my mind disables me more than my physical differences—just because I allow it to do so some days) that I’m unemployed which could mean I’m not able or not willing to work, or that sometimes the neighborhood I reside in (due to the fact that it had “accessible housing units” available, and it’s subsidized which helps being that I was a student when I moved in here and post secondary schooling isn’t free) isn’t considered to be the best of areas to live.  Such things should not affect who I know I am and what I know my accomplishments are that would be good for the occupation aspect of my life.  However, I think to some extent “who you are” and “how you feel about yourself” can definitely affect progress in the hunt for occupational successes.

If I have some level of fear, which I probably do, whether it be consciously or unconsciously doesn’t really matter.  A fear that because I fit these stereotypes could easily be a major setback in achieving what I want because of what I fear that I could be instead of believe wholeheartedly in what I am and what I want to be.  I’ve found the words to most clearly describe this through a video I watched today of Wayne Dyer’s daughter Sage Dyer talking about having flat warts as a 5 year old, and the lesson she learned from her personal process of ridding herself of this problem, you can watch it here  I’ve often thought there’s something awesome about being a child, that seems to somehow sometimes either disappear or weaken into adulthood when “reality sets in” or something.  Maybe what Sage describes is where my mind was located, but only on a subconscious rather than conscious level.

Of course I have only had one interview during my job search so far, having applied to a few jobs here and there over the last few months since finishing my Master of Arts in Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy as of April, and having only had my convocation on June 15, 2012.  I do see real value in the community feel provided by programs such as those offered by Waterloo Region Family Network that are in effect or are intended to come into effect in the coming months or years, as well as organizations such as The Rose Centre with their online forum which allows discussion around issues people with differences encounter in their daily lives in a world that is sometimes seemingly more connected to those without differences than those who are with differences.  On their Community Blog they have a post by none other than the co-founder, Tim Rose, regarding an experience he has had with his job search here.  It’s pretty crazy hearing some of the experiences, such as the one in Tim’s post, of people with differences in doing something as seemingly straightforward and likely simple as searching for a job.  As of yet, I cannot report such experiences myself, though I have had the pleasure of thinking a lot about the potential complexities of job search and the people with differences community.  You may or may not hear more from me in the future.  For now, I’m feeling that I’m being drawn to blogging and other writing rather than to the search for a “job”, as I also have a blog post which is posted on The Rose Centre’s community blog regarding accessibility and housing and am working on writing a novel.


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