BB Squared: Beautiful Brains, Bold Bodies

Starting and Celebrating Conversations About Differences

About October 30, 2011

For so long we have been calling people with physical, mental, or emotional “issues” persons with disabilities. This insinuates that these persons are unable to do a variety of things. BB Squared is dedicated to changing this stigma and as the first order of business we are going to change persons with disabilities to persons with differences! They are not unable to do tasks but differently-abled.

Differences are not something to be afraid of or ashamed of, they are something to embrace as we at BB Squared believe that people with differences are going to help in shaping this world with new and innovative ideas.

People with Differences: No matter who you are and what your difference is, BB Squared is committed to having your story heard, your needs met and ensuring your life is fulfilled. We want to hear your comments, and feedback, and publish your guest posts.

People without Differences: This blog, as well as the website and other educational materials that will be forthcoming are meant to inform and educate you about differences and the people who have them. We want your comments, feedback, and questions. No question is silly, or to0 big or small. The goal is that if we at BB Squared do not know the answer, we will find you a person or organization who does. We want you as part of our community, so come join us!

So let’s get excited and get the conversation flowing!

For now, this blog will be posted on every Thursday beginning November 17th 2011, so keep coming back to look for us


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