BB Squared: Beautiful Brains, Bold Bodies

Starting and Celebrating Conversations About Differences

What If… July 26, 2012

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If I didn’t have my difference for a week, that would mean that for seven days I could:

Be completely in charge of my own body; clean myself, take myself to the restroom, put on my own makeup, temporarily get piercings without anyone but me having to deal with them…

Get into my friends’ cars and houses with ease

Stop thinking by working my tail off at a difficult workout, preferably to Latin dance music

Go to Italy, BC, Illinois, Saskatchewan, Alberta by myself OR with friends

Have a meal consisting entirely of junk food and have no one around to comment

Get an adrenaline fix by riding roller coasters at Canada’s Wonderland over and over

Go to Jill’s family cottage and play water sports


If you had my life for a week, that would mean that for seven days you might be able to:

Laugh at jokes that only you understand or are “allowed” to laugh at

Feel obviously special – and feel mostly good about it – wherever you go

Have some of your friends help care for you and be guaranteed to see them at a certain time each week

Be able to be proud of accomplishments such as opening a ZipLock bag

Be proud of your friends’ accomplishments such as watching them vacuum while sitting in their wheelchair

Walk into a room where everyone is getting assistance with eating and feel at home even if you barely know anyone

Have your friends try cool hair and makeup ideas on you


I’m sure there are more examples I could have given in both categories, but the point is that there is bad and beautiful in every situation and I am excited to see BB Squared embrace that. Can you add more to my list? Or points that relate to your difference? I’d be thrilled to see that in the comments.


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