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Dear Jill and Aaron July 19, 2012

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This week I have been reading many posts centered around the theme of A Love Letter to my Body, and also these (fair warning, both these links they contain Christian content) Inspired by that, I was going to write for you today a love letter, or more like, an honest letter, to my difference, but I decided that wasn’t the right post for today, and instead I would right “friendship notes” to Aaron and Jill to show you why I am so proud to be working with them in the context of BB Squared in the hopes that you might get to know them a bit better.

 Dear Jill,

I get a lump in my throat writing this, but I have to start this out by saying that you could do anything you wanted with your life. Yes, you have a difference, but you are also a girl with a million passions; space, environmentalism, general business are just a few. Your difference can be difficult, but it is invisible, so between that and your multitude of interests you could spend your life doing a million different jobs and I truly feel that you could both make a difference and feel fulfilled doing each one, but you are hoping to devote at least a great amount of your life to differences. For that, I thank-you.

Thank-you for being willing to take on a task that is big and difficult, because whatever BB Squared becomes it will be both of those things. Thank-you for taking pleasure in sharing your ideas with Aaron and me, and for appreciating feedback. Thank-you for having so many dreams about what BB Squared can be and how it can help people, for making it hard to choose what dream we should pursue because they are all so great. Thank-you for enjoying talking about BB Squared – at least in general terms – with others besides us because it shows you have confidence in the idea and truly want it to succeed. Thank-you for making me responsible for the BB Squared blog because you know I take particular joy from blogs. Thank-you for not being afraid of potential problems or obstacles because you believe we will find ways around them one way or another.  There are so many other things I could thank-you for, but these are some of the reasons that I am excited to continue our friendship and working relationship in the future, and I wanted the readers of the BB Squared blog to know about them.




 Dear Aaron,

When I think about the fact that you co-own a Pita Factory, I just want to gape in amazement at how much of a challenge that must be. Then I think of how you volunteer your time for Ghana School of Dreams, and I am even more certain that you are a person that I am honoured to know, and am so glad to have on the BB Squared Team. You are clearly ambitious and goal-oriented, but you do not just want to use these great qualities to further your own ends, you want to use them to help others. In the time that I have known you, I realize and appreciate that you are unafraid to contribute your thoughts – and they are awesome! – or challenge someone else’s in order to get them to see things in a new way, trading ideas is truly a fun experience for you. Also BB Squared is not just something you signed up for because you have known Jill for a long time and like and respect her, you truly want to be my friend as well, and support me in my endeavors as well as try to ensure that I get the most out of life that I possibly can. I have confidence in the years to come that this quality will not only be true for me, but for everyone else that crosses our path at BB Squared as well.

My note to you may not be as long as the one to Jill, but know that I am excited to get to know you better and better through the years, and I have no doubt that you will do great things and inspire others to do so as well.




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