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Sometimes Horrible Things Are Beautiful Things in Disguise July 12, 2012

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Today’s post comes to us from the President of BB Squared, Jill Clark, who wanted to share with us an important lesson that her difference taught her and one of the messages she wants to convey via BB Squared:

Life is a funny thing, how things work out and fall in, and many times, out of place. Does everything have a meaning? Does everyone I meet change my life? Who knows, and personally I don’t care. I do know though, that everything happens and all you can do is really make the best of it, even in the stickiest of times.

Lately this is the thought has been what has been going around my brain. No matter what your differences or situation, it always feels impossible to obtain those dreams and goals that you have which you think, I will never have that or get there. You may not, and that’s okay. As long as you are happy or doing all the things possible to make yourself that person you want to be, you will find a happy medium along the way.

Let me give you an example of this, let you into a bit of Jill. When I first discovered what my ‘difference’ was, I had trouble making friends, I was miserable, couldn’t sleep, lost and gained weight, and did some unspeakable things through my teenaged years. I also became more creative, the friends I made will last me a life time as the ones who stuck through it with me I know are true friends, I was forced to grow up more quickly in some areas as I needed to understand and manage my emotions to a “T” in order to function. It took me much longer to read than most other children, I had to write tests in a different room, someone would dictate questions to me, and I got funny looking knee braces (which don’t have anything to do with n diagnosed difference, but did make me different). I also became resourceful, and understood what hard work was as well  became an excellent advocate for myself.

My diagnosis of parts of my difference were not completed until I was into my first year at University, which resulted in me leaving to go and figure out exactly how to deal with these differences  to become successful. There were also personal reasons for me leaving school the first time, and I am very happy now that they all happened, but I sure what not happy at the time.

I was accepted to Conestoga Collage and had the goal of only staying for one year, figuring out my learning differences, and then going back to University for what I really loved. Two and half years later I am still at Conestoga as I learned how to love to learn. I realized that while marketing is not something that I want to do for the rest of my life, it is something that I have enjoyed learning about has opened up a number of doors for me.

I could keep going on and on about all of the things that did not go according to plan in my life and how they all have showed me something new about myself but I’m pretty sure you have the point. Life is hard and when you have a challenging differences, or situation it is hard to look past that. But think about it, if you can’t look past your differences and find ways around it than how is anyone else going to be able to look past your differences and challenging situations.

It’s not an easy thing to do, look at sometimes seemingly impossible situations or differences in a positive light, but if you do and you look at what you are learning from each situation, you will amount to much more than you ever dreamed up.

When I thought of the idea for BB Squared, this was the message I have always had in mind to share with everyone.


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