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5 Recent Instances Where Differences Have Made Me Smile June 28, 2012

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I know I have written about this before, but today I thought I would write another simple post talking about six ways my difference has brought joy into my life in recent months, in no particular order:

1) On my birthday, I met an adorable little boy, with an adorable little wheelchair. He was already learning to operate the push chair himself (show-off! :)), he was fascinated by my wheels, and I loved being able to tell him that we have wheelchairs because we’re cool, even if he was too little to understand me yet…you can never start to early!

2) Two of my friends with differences recently had a baby. For one thing it was beautiful to see two people with differences have their dream come true. If they are anything like me, part of them never thought this day would come, and they probably have to pinch themselves in order to believe that their beautiful daughter is really theirs to keep. It is further proof that nothing is impossible.

3) Not to make this about me, but the other joyous part of this event came for me when I got to hold Baby Girl the other night. People, I can not even tell you what it means to me that I held this tiny child independently and I did not freak out, at all. It was kind of like a primal instinct took over, like even though I had only done this one other time in my life, I somehow knew what to do. And to top it off, one of my other friends looked at me while I was holding her and said, “You’ll make a good mother.” I appreciated the comment at the time but now as I write this it is hitting me harder. I don’t know if being a mother will happen or is even an essential dream for me, but in a way this event gave me permission to imagine it in a way that I haven’t before.

4) A couple of weeks ago, I was honoured to speak at an an event that celebrated the inclusion of people with differences. I love to speak, but I do get nervous when I do it in front of a large group of people. In another miraculous moment (in my opinion), I spoke calmly and clearly and received many compliments on it afterwards. As I’ve said before, I loved knowing that I had something to contribute to my community that was appreciated and respected.

5) At this same event, we were treated to a performance by a singer with a difference named Justin Hines.  He is a very talented performer who truly impressed me a lot Although I did not get the opportunity to chat with him like some of my friends did, it was still great to see a guy who uses a wheelchair truly exhibit the attitude that nothing could stop him from following his dream. If I sit and thing about all the logistics he must have to handle in order to have a successful career, I am just so pleased that he has been able to negotiate all of them in order to pursue his goals in life.

This was a rather self-centered post I suppose, but I wanted to reiterate again how much joy can be found in life with a difference if it is sought out. I believe that BB Squared will be an organization that will contribute both directly and indirectly to the joy of the people it serves and I am so excited to witness that.


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