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Starting and Celebrating Conversations About Differences

On Being Needed June 21, 2012

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One characteristic that having a difference has given me is that it really means a lot to me to be needed. Ever since I was a little girl, I have adored being the one who helps. Besides being thankful that I can fulfill the needs of others, it truly feels good to be the one helping when the reality of my life dictates that I am very often the one who is given assistance.. It makes me feel empowered, it helps me feel like a woman instead of a girl, it is not just – hopefully – good for others, it is good for me.

I know this is a sentiment that Jill and I share, wanting to help others both for their benefit and her own. It is the reason she started BB Squared as well as the reason she does a multitude of other work to support the differences community. Jill is someone who truly wants to see all people with differences succeed and become the best they can be, she and I both understand the powerful feeling that results from someone benefiting from advice we have given them, or a skill we have been able to share, and we want others to experience that feeling as well. As for Aaron, even though our friendship is still developing, I am absolutely confident that he believes in this dream as well. After all, one doesn’t start building schools of dreams in Ghana without the goal of empowering people.

Whatever BB Squared becomes, it will not be an organization that simply adds one more possibility to the list of services for people with differences, it will be a placewhere the underlying goal is to help people achieve their dreams so that they in turn, in their own way, can help people do the same.


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