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My Adventures in Job Searching May 31, 2012

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When I first started looking for a job the semester before I finished graduate school, I briefly had the naive that it would be fun. I was – and still am – excited by the idea that my degree in Rehabilitation didn’t force me into a particular job, and I thought that via the internet I would land on some exciting opportunities then after going on five interviews or something I would get the nod and start working in an exciting new position. Two-and-a-half years later I am burnt out on cover letters and resumes, involved in volunteer work that I love where I am respected and appreciated, and hoping that a paid position will come along from somewhere eventually.

My explanation of this journey was inspired by this article by Rebekah Garriock which was published the other day in the Globe and Mail (a Toronto newspaper): where Rebekah discusses her own struggles with the job search. My personal favourite quote was:

“Most people don’t realize that, for a person in my circumstances, a “real” job is an affirmation that I belong, that I can contribute and that I am normal. ”

Although I have written about this recently, I feel it bears repeating, that I wanted to shout, “Can I get an amen?” to that statement. Yes, I need to remember that every person’s life is a unique journey but there are so many positive things that go along with having a job. I would be earning my own income for the first time in  my life, I would be able to begin the process of looking for a place to live independently because there would no longer be a risk of having to move for a potential job, if I ever decide to go on a dating website I would not feel weird about telling possible dates that I am not employed.

I will say once again that I love knowing that an organization I am going to be part of will work with the tension of celebrating differences and helping those of us with them, and also making it possible for us to know and live the truth that we are not so different from other people. Living both of those truths simultaneously is not an easy task for a person or an organization to do, but I know that BB Squared will do that to the best of its ability.


I would like to encourage you to visit Rebekah’s own blog at Thanks for both the article and blog, Rebekah!


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