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Starting and Celebrating Conversations About Differences

“It’s A Small World After All” May 24, 2012

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There is something I have noticed about the differences’ community both here and in Illinois. It’s not hard to find two people who know each other or have a friend, or someone they work with, in common. In some ways I love this, I remember sitting in graduate classes in Illinois and grinning when I heard that someone from the agency where I was a practicum student had gone to give a presentation at the agency where my friend was doing her work. I get the same feeling when I hang out with my Ontario friends with differences and someone says, “Oh, I already know _____ , we play baseball together!” Without fail I always think or say, “Should we sing the “It’s a Small World After All” song?

But today I started to wonder, maybe there is a negative side to this being one of my not-so-secret theme songs for the differences community? Maybe if we got out in the community more, it wouldn’t be so easy to play connect-the-dots with us? This actually may be untrue, as whether we had more people involved in our lives or not, there would probably still be activities – both fun and not-so-much – that we would have in common, but I still think my point demonstrates the value of having a variety of friends and relationships. I believe BB Squared will help with that; even if whatever we do created for people with differences, I hope and believe that BB Squared will be a jumping-off point for people to build other types of relationships of all kinds. And I know that even if this is the case, there will be times when I will sing our theme song in my head (or not…apologies in advance. 🙂 ), smile, and appreciate the beauty of connection.



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