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Who I Am, Who We Are May 17, 2012

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I once was talking to a friend who has a difference when he said something like, “I’m not necessarily making it my goal to work with people with differences, but I keep getting drawn to that kind of work.” He went on to say that he enjoys working with people with differences, he simply does not want to get “pigeon-holed” into a certain category. I told him that made perfect sense to me and wondered aloud if I emphasize my identity as a person with a difference too much.

As I’ve said before, I enjoy that my difference means that I have something unique about me right from the start. However, I sometimes wonder if, by embracing this part of my identity so strongly, I neglect to weave it properly into my sense of self as simply part of who I am, not the whole. If I think about it, it appears that Jill does a much better job of this than I and if you were to ask her to talk about her primary identity perhaps she would say that she is a woman with an endless amount of ideas, or that she is an integral part of a loving family. 

I am nowhere near solving the puzzle of how I should define myself, but here is what I can tell you: even though BB Squared will have a mission of supporting persons with differences and educating others about them, our goal isn’t to make sure people have the best possible “life with a difference,” our goal is to make sure that people have the best possible life, so that they can fully embrace all parts of themselves. I have no doubt that I will learn an enormous amount about how to be my best complete self from BB Squared, and I hope you will come along for the ride.


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