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Loving Life Means Loving to Learn May 10, 2012

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One of the greatest gifts that my time at university gave to me was giving myself permission to view everything in my life as a learning experience. This was actually incredibly freeing to me because it meant that I was allowed to celebrate every little thing I accomplished as a success; if I got to class on time, that meant that I had done a good job of picking responsible Personal Support Workers, and giving them enough time to get me ready, for example.

I am realizing these days that this concept has another aspect to it; if one desires to consider everything a learning experience, that means that a person has to be willing to embrace learning in whatever form it comes and from whomever it comes Someone who has never had training in working with persons with differences might have a brilliant idea in terms of how to improve an aspect of their lives. Someone who has less than ten years experience in a field might realize something that a person who has been in a field for thirty years has never considered.  I’m learning that people have to be open to suggestions and constructive criticism from any source that is willing to provide it; only then will they truly be as successful as possible.

Fortunately, I think the minds behind BB Squared are very aware of this truth. We are creative, hardworking people who want to come up with the most innovative idea possible, and we are willing to go to great lengths in order to figure out what that idea is. We are not afraid of failure, but neither do we want to entertain an idea that we do not perceive to be “good enough” if we feel something better is out there.  BB Squared desires to always be a place of learning; we want to learn from you the readers and any other source we can, so that we are continually loving life through learning more of the lessons it offers.


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