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Laughing at My Life May 3, 2012

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I’ve mentioned it before, but my life is often quite funny. Sometimes Jill and I will joke about the things only we can say to each other, that if anyone else walked in on us they would think we were crazy or inappropriate. Often, I’ll even laugh at situations that no one else finds funny, probably because they are frustrated by something. As much as this probably annoys my friends, I will always consider the laughter in my life, in whatever form it comes one of the greatest gifts given to me by my difference. It isn’t just me who laughs, either, often I can tell if someone has really embraced differences when they start laughing about them. I have also always loved being teased good naturedly about my difference and how it affects me; some of my favourite people are the ones who began teasing me immediately after meeting me. It told me that they immediately understood that I was just like them, and that they could already tell that I had embraced my difference as part of who I am.

I really like part of this post by Wheelie cATHOLIC, which, while ultimately discussing other themes as well, has this to say about disability humor:

“…As I’ve written about before, the subject of humor and disability is a ticklish one. I live surrounded by humor about my disability. In fact, I’d hate to be a quadriplegic who didn’t have a sense of humor. but it’s a lot different for me to make a joke about my disability than to be turned into a joke by someone else. People I highly respect in the disability community have pointed out that humor about disability,when created by people with disabilities, is the most acceptable form. Interestingly enough, however, disabled people are sometimes told what we can or cannot laugh at about ourselves, perhaps because it makes nondisabled people uncomfortable.

For example, the other day when I was on Twitter, I saw Roger Ebert tweet that he was giving up eating and drinking for Lent. This is an example of a form of personal disability humor, one that I often use…” (Please read the whole post from which the above words are quoted so that I do not misrepresent what this blogger was trying to say, because her point is different from mine.)

Essentially, I love how disability humor can unite persons with disabilities as well as those who work and “do life” with us.  For me, it all comes back to having that feeling of belonging. Humour reminds us what is good about our lives, it unites us, it (can) relieve tension, create optimism, break down barriers and a host of other things. I believe BB Squared will be a place where this theme is demonstrated as well, and I cannot wait to see the community that forms because of it.


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  1. Aaron Says:

    Your best blog yet Carmen! Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

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