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On Courage and Fear March 29, 2012

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A few days ago I had an opportunity to go with my dad to a luncheon where Greg Moore spoke. Greg Moore is a man who has quadriplegia who decided last summer that he wanted to road trip to Los Angeles. He hired Personal Support Workers from (a Canadian online classified site) and off they went. Interestingly, before Dad and I were even invited to this luncheon, I had seen the article about Greg in The Toronto Star (linked above), so going to this luncheon was kind of a dream come true for me. I loved seeing Greg’s pictures (just a fraction of the enormous amount he had taken), and hearing his story there, but, for me, that isn’t the thing that had the biggest affect. It was the entry he wrote on his blog in August 2011 about fear. He talks about how he wouldn’t want anyone to describe him as sane at his funeral. This statement takes my breath away. Don’t we, as persons with differences, have a responsibility to be sane, so that we don’t hurt ourselves, or cause too much trouble? That’s the thing, I have lived a wonderful life, but it has been a life filled with doing what makes sense. Part of this is because of my own real fear, but part of it is that I feel obligated to be cautious, I feel like that is what is expected of me.

But I don’t think being too afraid to do something is an option when one teams up with Jill Clark and Aaron Fierling. They have dreams, people, and they have already proven that they have the courage and the drive to see those dreams through. I hope that through BB Squared and my friendship with these people, as well as continuing to be inspired by people like Greg, I can nurture these qualities inside of myself, and come out stronger for it. I know that whatever direction our organization goes in we will do things that are scary, but I believe that just like Greg we will do what we can, revel in the risks, and hopefully someday we will be the ones sharing our adventures.


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