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Anything Can Happen March 8, 2012

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As is likely true of many people, I’ve always loved the idea that “anything can happen”. Usually, I apply it to romance, but I have been thinking this week about how it applies to working with people with differences. It’s amazing to me that I work in a field, really, that I have been given a life, that is just bursting with areas that need improvement. There are definitely times when this can get discouraging, I hate talking to friends who have done everything right in terms of independence, but cannot achieve one key aspect, such as moving out or purchasing a car because of circumstances beyond their control. This is horrible and it infuriates me on their behalf. At the same time though, it makes me smile to think that someday, I, or someone else I know, could contribute directly or indirectly to solving a friend’s problem. Jill has this saying that if one wants to learn about something, he or she should “indulge in it.” In Jill-speak 🙂 this means that one should learn everything one can about a topic. But it’s also fun to “indulge in” possibilities, to see the needs that exist in the world one inhabits and dream and think of solutions to them.  Our fearless leader (Jill) might chide me for this post because she is a fan of putting together solutions to problems, which is why she is so great to have around, but I’m not really saying that one should spend all her time indulging in the exciting world of possibilities, simply that I feel privileged to be part of a group – both in terms of BB Squared and in my status as a woman with a difference – that offers so many possible directions to go in. If I am willing to indulge in one or a few – as I have begun to do already thanks to other organizations like Waterloo Region Family Network – then my life will never be boring. And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that as Jill, Aaron and I continue to ponder what pursuits we will indulge in that life at BB Squared will never, ever be boring either.


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