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5 Reasons I Don’t Love Always Love my Difference February 2, 2012

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As much as I love my difference, there are indeed reasons why it is not always my favourite thing. Here are some of them:

1) As much as I love my parents/friends/Personal Support Workers, sometimes I would love to be in charge of my own body. I’m really not shy about letting other people see my body, but sometimes it would be nice to do things like put on my own make-up, shave my own legs, or dress and look completely how I want to without worrying about the opinions of others. (Even though sometimes those opinions are helpful.)

2) On a related note, I don’t care that much about clothes or fashion, but I think I would care a lot more if typical clothes and shoes looked good on me. Not many shoes can fit properly with my splints, and many clothes don’t fit my body type, or work with my lack of muscle tone. I/BB Squared should do research and see if anyone has done anything about that, shouldn’t I?

3) Travelling is not easy. While I have been fortunate enough to travel many places in Canada and the U. S., I have yet to go anywhere “international” and a huge reason for this is because a) it is hard for me to sit on a plane very long without getting physically uncomfortable, and b) it is pretty much impossible for me to use the restroom on a plane. It is my goal to go to at least one foreign country before I die, I will keep you posted on how that works out. 🙂

4) While I love the volunteering, I am doing, it is kind of unfortunate in my opinion that I can’t get a random paying job at a coffee shop or a bookstore while I wait for my first job in my field. Sadly, there is no such thing as hiring a Starbucks employee whose only task is to sit in the drive-thru window and take orders, because I actually think I’d be pretty good at it.

5) There aren’t exactly men lining up to date me. I don’t think that dating a person with a disability would be easy, and I truly do believe that sometimes we get to weed out jerks because non-stellar men probably couldn’t be bothered with dating us. Still, it’s hard on the self-esteem at times.

Again, I mostly love my difference, but I thought I would “get real” today and talk about some of the less fun aspects of it.


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