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Happy Holidays from BB Squared December 15, 2011

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This will be BB Squared’s last post of 2011. To finish off the year, we just wanted to say thank-you  to all of you who have supported us so far, and that we are very much looking forward to what the new year brings.  We hope that BB Squared – or at least our plans for it – will grow a lot in 2012, and we hope you will come along for the ride. Again please don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook. We want to know if you read this blog and what you have to say.

However you celebrate the holiday, please enjoy it and be safe. We will see you back here on Thursday, January 12th will all-new blog content, so please join us then.

Your Friends at BB Squared,

Jill, Aaron and Carmen


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