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What I Learned (Or Had Confirmed) from Doing BB Squared Research December 8, 2011

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Currently we – mostly Jill – are busy doing research are putting together the first version of the BB Squared website. To help her out, I have been doing some research on differences the past couple of days. By doing this, I discovered that another reason we need BB Squared is because we need a more vocal voice with regards to the positive aspects of differences. Not only that, but we need more people who are willing to seek out those positive aspects. I know this because it was very hard for me to find information on the positive parts of various differences while I was doing research. Occasionally, I would come across a blog post that would list good things about a difference or mention an organization that supported a positive outlook, but they certainly were not readily visible. BB Squared thinks this needs to change.

Now, please do not interpret this as a suggestion that one should look at a difference positively when it is first discovered or every second of every day after that. Often, differences are hard. My difference can be difficult for me – I will probably talk about some reasons for this in future blog posts  – and I don’t pretend to know what others are going through in their lives. Additionally, I know that what parents of persons with differences experience is probably completely different than what we go through. But I also know this: most days, I like being different and the blessings it brings me. And I know that there are other people out there who feel the same because they are part of organizations like 3E Love and Aspies for Freedom. We at BB Squared are excited to join organizations like this in being a positive voice for differences everywhere.


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