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The Buddy Walk, Part 1 November 24, 2011

Filed under: Cool Things We Do — beautifulbrainsboldbodies @ 11:30 am

On Saturday, November 5th, Jill, Aaron, and I went to the Buddy Walk, hosted by the Waterloo Region Down’s Syndrome Society (WRDSS). The Buddy Walk involved people raising money for walking a certain length of time, then walking that agreed distance around the community centre where it was held, holding signs to raise awareness for their difference and organisation. Like any good fundraiser, it also included food and fun. While looking around the Buddy Walk trying to decide what to blog about, my eyes landed on the girl conducting the WRDSS Buddy Choir, which is a singing group that anyone can join regardless if he or she has a difference. I thought about how I would feel if I was in her place, and the answer came to me immediately, I would feel important, like I was contributing. All my life, this feeling has been important to me. I’ve never wanted to be the girl who is always on the receiving end of people’s time and energy just because I have a physical difference; I have wanted my contribution to my relationships and to the world to be equal. I am sure that all people who have differences feel the same, and I hope, like WRDSS, BB Squared can help people with differences make their contributions to life.


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